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How Trustedcompany works


Customer Buys

A customer buys your product or service online.


Customer Reviews

Your customer writes a review.


You manage feedback

Proactively step into contact with unhappy customers and increase retention.


We Invite

TrustedCompany automatically sends a review invitation to your customer.


Customer recommends

Let your customers share their great experience with potential customers.

How you can improve your bottom line with customer reviews

Improve your bottom line with reviews

90% of customers agree that reviews influence their buying decision. By including reviews in your customer journey you can benefit and increase conversion rates and sales.

Add Google Seller Ratings to your Adwords campaign

Start showing stars in your Adwords

Set yourself apart from the competition and let the power of stars grab your customers eye: Achieve 17% higher click through rates (CTR) and lower your cost-per-click (CPC) on Google AdWords by collecting reviews on TrustedCompany.com.

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Displaying your reviews on-site

Display your reviews directly on your site through our simple drag-and-drop solution and increase your conversion rate by up to 30%.

Display your customer feedback on your Facebook page

Influence your customers where it matters

Facebook is the perfect place to win customers, increase brand awareness, and share feedback you've received from loyal customers.

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