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Showcase your happy customers along the entire customer journey across your website.

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Display the TrustedCompany customer review widget on your website and help convert your visitors into paying customers
Display the TrustedCompany customer review widget on your website and help convert your visitors into paying customers

Convert more visitors into customers

Let your customers do the talking.
How can review widgets help you boost your eCommerce conversion rate?

Increase Conversion Rates

Showcase your aggregated rating and selected customer testimonials to increase customer confidence and boost your customer conversion rates where it matters.

Use our widget on WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Magento and Drupal platforms to increase your eCommerce conversion rates

Integrate with your eCommerce platform

Our eCommerce widgets are fully integratable into all online shopping platforms such as the Shopify and WooCommerce. Display it on your homepage, product page or checkout pages.

Display it on mobile

Built to be responsive, our online store widgets can be used across multiple displays including all tablets and smartphones.


Grow your average basket size

Our internal A/B testing revealed a 12% increase in the average order size once customers used our review widget on-site.


Customize it to fit your brand

We have four widget options for you to choose from. Customize your chosen option to match the look & feel of your store.


Maintain constant trust and transparency

Always have a fresh stream of reviews leaving your website visitors with a transparent picture of your overall customer experience as told by your current customers.


Decrease bounce rates

Use our review widgets at strategic customer touch points across your website to influence your customers buying decision and keep visitors on site longer.

Boost your conversions with the review widget

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Other Review Display features


Custom API

Access all your reviews via API and create SEO-friendly native review integrations on your site.


Customizable Profile Page

Customize your profile page on TrustedCompany and add relevant business information.


Stars in Google AdWords

Use Google Seller Ratings and increase your ads’ CTR by an average of 17%.

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