Google Seller Ratings are now available in India, Malaysia and Indonesia

Google Update? Seller Ratings India, Malaysia and Indonesia Now Available!

While we were casually keeping an eye out for our clients’ footprint over the internet, Google India, Google Malaysia and Google Indonesia revealed some very exciting changes.

Google Seller Ratings are now showing across, and

Seller Ratings India: here’s what we saw when we ran a search on Google India ( for our client Lenskart, an online eyewear business based out of India using customer reviews to increase the click-through-rate of their AdWords campaigns.

AdWords seller ratings extension: Google Seller Ratings are now showing across Will Google announce soon?

Clicking on the Seller Ratings extension leads us to Lenskart’s Google Shopping page where we can see the review sources in detail.

Google Verified customer reviews: Lenskart has been collecting TrustedCompany reviews for their Google AdWords star ratings to show on their AdWords

How does this benefit you?

It enhances your potential customers’ trust in your business in two folds:

  1. They see that you have Google verified customer reviews
  2. They can view what your other customers are saying about you without being directed to a third party review website

Think about this:

All of the above takes place in just one Google Seller Ratings click.

Next we had a look at Seller Ratings Malaysia. Running a search on Google Malaysia ( for BloomThis, an online florist based in Malaysia who are also using TrustedCompany reviews for their AdWords Seller Ratings gave us these results:

Adding reviews to Google AdWords: Google Seller Ratings are now showing across Will Google announce soon?

Searching through Google Indonesia ( for Nusatrip, an online travel portal based in Indonesia, gave us the following Seller Ratings results for their TrustedCompany reviews:

Adding reviews to Google AdWords: Google Seller Ratings are now showing across Will Google announce soon?

Pretty exciting isn’t it?

Google’s official documentation has not been updated yet but we’re keeping a close eye on it. This is how it reads at the moment:

Adding reviews to Google AdWords: Google Seller Ratings are now showing across Will Google announce soon?

No mention of other global Google domains but our guess is, Google will be rolling out Seller Ratings across Asia and globally.

This is potentially great news for all online businesses using Google AdWords to reach their local audiences!

We’re looking forward to an official announcement from Google.

Why local Google domains matter?

80% of searchers use search engines to find local product & service information.

Here are some other interesting statistics we found on local searches:

  • 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases
  • 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles
  • Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day

You may argue that local searches can be conducted across Google’s worldwide domain name ( but here’s the thing:

Your customers’ choice of a local Google search domain will have a major impact on the search results that are delivered to them.


Over time Google search results have become increasingly localized. Google removed the location search filter from their search tools late last year.

That means your search results are being refined according to your location.

Having Seller Ratings show on your local Google search domains is good news since you will be able to catch more local eyeballs.

Pssst! Remember that 17% increase in CTR all thanks to Google Seller Ratings?

Once implemented by Google, this update will help you boost your local AdWords campaigns in your target markets and you won’t be missing out on that relevant extra local traffic anymore!

Getting your TrustedCompany reviews to show with your Google AdWords

While we wait for Google to make the current observation official, here are the basic requirements that still stand:

  1. Make sure that your TrustScore is at 3.5 or above and you have collected a minimum of 150 reviews within the past 12 months.
  2. Create AdWords ads on either of the following Google domains:
    • As well as,, and other global Google domains!
  3. Your campaign type should be “Search Network with Display Select”, “Search & Display Networks” or “Search Network only”
  4. Enjoy your starry AdWords ads and boost in CTR!

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for an official announcement. Subscribe to our blog (that little box on the right) to hear the latest update.

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